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OTD February 3rd - Black History Month

In September of 1952, Autherine Lucy and her friend, Pollie Anne Myers, both members of the NAACP, applied to the University of Alabama. They were denied their entry to the school upon the school learning that they were not white. In 1955, Autherine and the NAACP charged the University with racial discrimination, allowing Autherine to enroll in Alabama. On February 3rd, 1956, Autherine J. Lucy was the first Black student to attend the University of Alabama. On her third day of school, she had to lock herself in a classroom after an angry group of White students chased her and threw rotten eggs. She was expelled "for her safety." In 1992 she graduated from the University with a Master's degree in education.

Autherine Lucy speaking at University of Alabama in 2017

1994 Video - Explicit Language Warning

National Women's History Museum - Autherine Lucy

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