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We believe moving forward begins by looking back.


Breaking down biases means unraveling what we know. 

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Now in it's 2nd year, the Undone Movement seeks to have critical conversations about race and bias that lead to action and outcomes. We believe that in order to move forward, we must UNDO what we know by taking a critical look at our hearts, our history, and our community.

The Undone Movement focuses on how white people can end white supremacy and systemic racism.


All are welcome in this space.

Leaders of the Undone Movement commit to elevating and listening to voices of color.


At undone consulting, we believe that moving forward begins by looking back, and that breaking down biases means unraveling what we know.  We believe that students and teachers must be UNDONE by truth in content, curriculum, and relationships.  We stress the value of finding “others” over finding “ourselves”, and we commit to helping you create experiences that empower your students to be history makers in the world.

Let's get UNDONE

All coaching cycles include book studies
All workshops are personalized, and take
We can help you write, edit, or review l
We have many free resources available to