We believe moving forward begins by looking back.


Breaking down biases means unraveling what we know. 

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At undone consulting, we believe that moving forward begins by looking back, and that breaking down biases means unraveling what we know.  We believe that students and teachers must be UNDONE by truth in content, curriculum, and relationships.  We stress the value of finding “others” over finding “ourselves”, and we commit to helping you create experiences that empower your students to be history makers in the world.

Let's get UNDONE

Racial discrimination exists in our schools and must be addressed.

Founder, Leigh Ann Erickson has been in urban, suburban, and rural, as well as public and private education for over fifteen years, spanning from NYC to Chicago, and Ohio to Iowa.  In her time as an educator, Erickson has learned firsthand the unjust challenges and barriers students of color face in school.  Now, in Mount Vernon, IA, she works to teach her students how to steward their lives to advocate for others. 

Let's work together.

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