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Undone Consulting is an educational consulting company that provides teacher and student training, curriculum planning partnerships, and educational resources to empower educators to bring about authentic and justice driven change to students, schools, and community. Undone consulting is driven by the following values:

Compassion is a key to education, and, therefore, is at the heart of our trainings, partnerships, and resources.  Providing experiences that cultivate compassionate learners is a key in achieving social justice.  


Educators are on the front lines of the fight for social justice and should be treated with the utmost respect and integrity.


Racial discrimination exists in our schools and must be addressed through thoughtful curriculum, experiences, and relationship building.


Moving forward means looking backward, and this is hard work that can result in becoming UNDONE. This must be acknowledged and addressed in school districts.


Effective social justice movements involve continuous reflection, adjustment, and action.

Founder & CEO

Erickson 2021-2022 headshot (1).jpeg

Founder, Leigh Ann Erickson , author of the YA book What is White Privilege, is the proud sister, daughter and granddaughter of teachers. She has taught in rural, suburban, and urban schools witnessing the disparities that exist in U.S. Education and working to dismantle those disparities. She is the founder and principal of Undone Education Consulting and the Undone Movement which works with teachers across the nation to end educational inequity.That work includes teaching predominantly white student populations to recognize historical truth and privilege and be part of the work to dismantle systemic racism. To do this, Leigh Ann developed an extensive curriculum and created the Connect, Absorb, Respond, and Empower (CARE) conference which brings authentic and relationship building conversations about race and bias into high schools. She speaks about this work across the country and supports school districts and business with equity training. Leigh Ann earned a Bachelors in English and Spanish from the University of Delaware and Masters in Teaching from Pace University. She was a 2019 finalist for Iowa Teacher of the Year and received the Iowa HER Women of Achievement Award in 2018. Erickson is grateful to play a small part in a conversation about race and equity that has been happening in this country for centuries.

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