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Let's start talking about race with our white students

Join me in a conversation on October 22nd, “Creating a Social Justice Movement in Predominately White Schools

A recent New York Times article, “Still Separate, Still Unequal”, stated “More than half of the nation’s schoolchildren are in racially concentrated districts, where over 75 percent of students are either white or nonwhite.” This isolation is bad for students as it breeds fear based bias. Knowing that, we must talk about writing curriculum that addresses race and equity in predominantly White schools where this discussion can be met with confusion and hostility. To eradicate bias and create change, we must learn to teach a fuller history of a fuller humanity for a fuller joy.

Leigh Ann Erickson, who delivered a keynote at the NNSTOY 2019 conference titled “What Should We Teach Our White Students”, is a 2019 IA TOY Finalist and founder of Undone Consulting. In this webinar, she will discuss ways to start a justice driven movement in your school and address questions that may arise as you do so. She will unpack some of the particular struggles white students and teachers face when working in this arena and provide tangible tools to help teachers head to the front line of justice driven education in their communities. Plan a movement. Create a class. Call on experts of color to engage your students. Join Erickson to consider the incredible ways your students can recognize the fullness of their own humanity by recognizing the fullness of the humanity of others.

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