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Partnership with Freedom Lifted Civil Rights Tours Turns Learning to Action

Undone Consulting and Freedom Lifted, a Civil Rights Education and Touring Company have teamed up to create pre and post trip curriculum to take student learning to the next level.

I had the opportunity to take 30 students on a tour with Freedom Lifted, featured in the NY Times, last January. Students were so inspired by this trip that it led to the creation of a new class, and a traveling Gallery of Justice Driven Conversations that students took to area middle schools.

Mia Henry, pictured left, founder of Freedom Lifted, and I have partnered to create curriculum that will provide the necessary learning needed to make this the kind of trip that inspires students to begin social justice movements in their communities and to honor the hundreds of thousands of people who worked and continue to work to secure Civil Rights promised to them.

You can gain access to the curriculum and check out more of Freedom lifted here.

Henry (left) and Erickson (right) after presenting at the Progressive Educators Network Conference

Students cross Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama

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